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Sep 26, 2021
The 1970‘s The Time to Shine pt.3
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Welcome to the final episode of this IPR radio documentary series The 1970’s The Time to Shine. If you were born in the 1950’s then the 70’s would have been that decade which was to change and form your life, the decade to get on in life and to live out your dreams… Instead the 70’s youth ended up with National strikes, blackouts, riots,  crime, drugs, terrorism and to top it off mass unemployment. But what they did have was music and plenty of it. The diversity of music in the 70’s not only helped and saved many, it also formed the groups and the singer songwriting artists of today. Pop, rock, disco, punk and rap it was all going on or on the way in the 70’s.. But at the beginning go the decade it was the time of the singer songwriter to enter the stage and hopefully to pass on a message and make a statement. From the counter revolution of the decade previous, the youth of 1970’s never really found that torch of freedom it was lost and depending were you come from it was some how taken away. But what those kids did have was their music, and the words and that diversity and that went a long way… The rest would need to be worked out later.

Welcome to IPR radio and the final pt.3 in this documentary series.

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