Michael Batease Elk Hunting Scenarios part 2 ep 11.26
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Title: The Elk Scenario with Michael Batease (Part 2 of Elk Scenario)


Show Notes:

I think seeing the same scenarios through the eyes of other hunters is a really great way to see how other hunters who know a thing or two about elk hunting deal differently with the same situation. It can help you compare different hunting strategies, so that when you come up against the same kind of situation, you’ll have some great options.


If you’ve got a bull that’s answering you all morning long, but every time you get close, he takes his females and moves just a little bit away, what do you do? The transition between a feeding area and a bedding area may be causing this behavior. Michael talks about what you want to be hearing when the bull is bugling back.


Getting close to a bull, but they just don’t want to stand and fight is a little bit like a keyboard warrior. Michael suggests you get parallel to the bull, and talks about how he creates a “story” to attract the interest of the bull by flipping the script on him.


We as people have to stay far enough back that the herd bull can’t see us, so getting them to take your challenge seriously can be hard. Michael and I talk about the kind of decoys we’ve used, and what kinds are better for certain circumstances.


Hunting on open prairie with nearly no cover is when Michael breaks out the ultimate predator decoy. He talks about how visual stimulation and light calling can be used to work a bull, and get him to move to where you can take him down. Sometimes Michael likes mounting the decoy on his bow to free up his hands which lets him focus on getting closer to the herd.



What’s Inside:

  • Determining the size of a bull by sound can be deceptive sometimes, says Michael.
  • Michael talks about how to play on the herd dynamics.
  • If a herd bull deals with satellite bulls all day long, how are you going to get him to move?
  • We talk about the different kinds of decoys we’ve used and when they worked well (and when they didn’t).



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Short Description:

Sometimes just bugling at a bull elk won’t cause any sort of reaction from him. Michael Batease from Elk Calling Academy has expert advice on how you can talk to a bull so that they actually react to you. By recognizing the different kinds of sounds a bull produces, and what those sounds mean can make the difference between putting in elk in the ground and wasting an entire hunting trip.



Elk hunting, hunting scenarios, bugling bulls, stalking bulls, mimicking cows, elk decoys, do decoys work, hunting elk bulls

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