Paul Medel - Calling Unresponsive Elk
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Calling Unresponsive Elk with Paul Medel


Show Notes:

Last year, Paul kept hearing from hunters that they could not get the elk to respond. Even for me, it was tough to get a bugle out of them. Personally, I’ve found here in the desert that drought conditions affect the estrus cycle, so it’s possible we’ll continue to see elk that don’t respond if we have another dry summer. So if you’ve got no action and the bulls aren’t fired up, what do you do? ElkNut Paul Medel demonstrates elk calling techniques that he employs when faced with a reluctant elk herd.


“If you can see the elk and what you’re doing is not working, they’re still callable. You just have to get your mindset right”, insists Paul. That’s why he tailors his calls to attract a bull. 


When you’re chasing down a bull and then you lose sight of them, a hunter might get impatient and make a lot of sounds to get the bull to respond. That’s the worst thing you can do because it gives away that you’re a hunter. Be patient and wait longer, recommends Paul. And by longer, he doesn’t mean 15 minutes. You’ve got to be prepared to outlast the bull.


The first time you have a shot to kill a bull, you need to take your shot. Because after the first shot, the bull’s going to know that you’re an imposter. After you miss that first shot, there’s a diminishing rate of return on every time after that that you lay eyes on that bull.


Paul loves what he does, and you can hear his passion for his work. Check out my other podcasts with him, or head to his website for more education on elk calling.


What’s Inside:

  • Paul demonstrates different bugle calls so that you can actually hear the trills, buzzes, and squeaks that give you better insight into how an elk feels.
  • How to read the temperature of an elk through different circumstances.
  • Anytime you can, you should hunt over the counter, then you can hunt in other spots.
  • There’s a reason the draw units are draw units. Everyone wants them because they’re better.

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Short Description:

There’s never a bad time of year to practice elk calling. ElkNut Paul Medel demonstrates elk calling so that you can start tuning your ear into the subtle differences that will help you become a more effective elk caller.



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