Arazni the Unyielding
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This episode contains spoilers for the entirety of Tyrant's Grasp thus far (through the end of Book 4). For those who are unfamiliar with the story of Tyrant's Grasp or have not listened up through episode 125 of our playthrough, be warned.

Tyrant's Grasp, as an adventure, is also the story of the Red Crusader, Arazni. Formerly the Herald of Aroden, enlisted and then killed fighting the Whispering Tyrant during the Shining Crusade. The imminent return of Tar Baphon in Tyrant's Grasp brings Arazni back to the forefront in Golarion's power dynamics, and this is her story. She is petty, she is angry, and she is...Unyielding.

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