How It’s Med
How It’s Med
Mar 31, 2023
Med Tech Talks Ep. 73: Brendan Byrne Pt.2
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Building out an entire company out of a “virtual gym”🤸‍♂️ - Brendan Byrne might not have thought of that when he first conceptualized the idea of LifestyleRx.

On part 2 of our conversation with Brendan Byrne, he tells the story of how LifestyleRx was born, what they aim to achieve with the whole program, and their master plan to do it on as large a scale as an entire province. Brendan also share snippets from the last 2 years as the Chief Medical Officer of LifestyleRx.



01:35-05:13 - Taking a break from work, and then finding the right reasons to come back to medicine.

05:14-09:44 - The impact that COVID had on Brendan’s $10,000 “gym”, and how LifestyleRx was born out of it.

09:44-14:56 - Brendan’s favourite stories from LifestyleRx over the past 2 years.

14:57-18:58 - Relentlessness- Brendan explains how this principle has helped him build LifestyleRx into what it is today.

18:58-23:34 - Focusing on a very peculiar health issue, and how LifestyleRx aims to build the necessary EMR infrastructure for it.

23:35-25:09 - Being a generalist by working on a particularly niche problem? Brendan clears Geoff’s doubts about it.

25:10-29:16 - Working as a board member, and working for them - Brendan, who’s experienced both, explains the difference between the two.

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