The curse of the second launch (and how to avoid it)
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Let me paint you a picture…


You’ve heard people talking all about online courses…

You’re working 1:1 but your time is maxed out…


So you finally decide to go for it -  to take the jump, do the scary thing and create your first online course.


You pull it all together and it’s ready to go so you send some emails to your list and you talk about it on social media. 


You’re SO excited about this new thing that you’ve created AND even more so when you get some sales (go you!). 


You’ve launched it once so in a few months you decide it’s time to launch your course again - very similar to how you ran it the first time...


But this time you make less sales.


This is what I call the Curse of the Second Launch.


Now before you hit the panic button and throw your course in the bin - I want you to know this is perfectly normal!


That’s why in today’s episode I’ll be sharing more on the Curse of the Second launch - why it happens and how you can avoid (or recover from) it.

Things You’ll Learn in this Episode of Doing it Online:
  • What exactly the Curse of the Second Launch is
  • Why the Curse of the Second Launch happens
  • My 4 tips for avoiding the Curse of the Second Launch happening to YOU
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