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Haulin Assets
Oct 9, 2019
#23. Get Out of Your Comfort Zone
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In this episode Craig and I cover two topics. First, we talk about the UCR (Unified Carrier Registration) fee and how it brings out the dark side of the trucking industry and then we talk about a life principle that is super important for anyone who runs their own business.

It’s kind of strange because these two topics are really not related, but I wanted to cover the UCR because this is the time of year the predators start to come out and take advantage of owner operators, so it got plugged into the beginning of this episode.

Unified Carrier Registration aka UCR and Shady Business Practices

You can learn more about exactly what the UCR is by checking out this blog post about it. In the podcast I talk about how a lot of companies use scare tactics to try to get you to pay way too much for them to take care of it for you. I have seen companies charge over $300 to file the UCR for a one-truck company. It should cost less than half that for a third-party company to provide that service.

Be careful out there. If you ever have a question about a fee someone is trying to charge you for that you are not confident you owe, give one of our coaches at Motor Carrier HQ a call and they will let you know if it is legitimate or not, those calls are always free.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

On the surface, this may seem like a lame, unimportant topic, but let me assure you it is critical. It is human nature to want to focus on things that we are good at or that we enjoy doing, while we avoid doing tasks we dislike or are not good at. In this episode we discuss why it is important to do some of those tasks and how that will make you more successful.

Here are some of the things I see a lot of trucking company owners avoiding or not doing that they need to do:

  • Understanding the numbers in your business
  • Talking to shippers
  • Negotiating rates
  • Being nice to everyone
  • Saving money

We go into each one of these items in detail during the episode. See the full show notes at the Haulin Assets website, where you can also hear previous episodes.

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