#76: Why some people are more successful than others with Brian Hilliard
Play • 44 min

Brian Hilliard is my guest on today's show for a conversation about how we can all be more successful - and who doesn’t want that!

Brian left corporate life after stress began affecting his health. He’s now a popular speaker, author of seven books including Networking Like a Pro and How to Overachieve Without Overcommitting and host of the podcasts Brand and Grow Your Coaching Practice and Everyday Success Habits. He works with busy entrepreneurs in the areas of Marketing, Mindset and Personal Achievement and has multiple coaching programmes.

In our conversation today Brian shares how success is not just about learning new things that work but unlearning old habits that don’t work, how the dual prongs of commission and omission can make anyone more successful (or less successful), one thing you must have before you use the Pareto Rule, how not to let ‘the tyranny of the small overcome the power of the impactful’, and the right way to sell for anyone who wants to grow their business without feeling sleazy.

Shownotes: michellereevescoaching.com/listen

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