#49: Being a working parent with Heather Rutherford
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When I was working in my corporate career I never anticipated that I’d be running my own coaching business one day, but if I had, I know I would have wondered how easy it would be to make that transition. 

My guest today did just that, switching careers from a successful career in finance and working on a trading floor to running her own business in a completely different industry. Following personal parenting struggles, Heather Rutherford launched The Parenting Partnership to help parents overcome the challenges that parenting throws at us.

In our interview you’ll hear the key practices Heather has to make sure she stays productive when she works from home, the very first steps she took to get started in her business, the importance of being visible, even when it’s scary and knowing when and where to ask for help to move up to the next level in our own businesses. 

As a parenting coach Heather also shares invaluable tips for those of us who are working parents, how to balance work and family without parental guilt and how to come back from those tricky times when things don’t go to plan.

I had some real light bulb moments chatting with Heather. For example when she said if we point out all the things our kids get right, we’ll get more of what we’re looking for but that the OPPOSITE is true too. I don’t know about you but I am definitely guilty of that sometimes. And the other light bulb moment for me was the concept of our kids practicing dropping their guard and perhaps behaving in a way that we don’t want in the safe space that we create for them at home and how if we remain calm and don’t take that behavior personally it helps them learn how to manage their emotions. I just loved hearing all Heather’s wisdom and will definitely be putting her tips into practice.

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