#77: The Secret to Non-Sleazy Sales with Annie P Ruggles
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Do you feel sleazy when you try to sell in your business?

Friends, let's talk about SALES. It's probably the #1 challenge business owners face, particularly heart-centred business owners like us who break out in a hot sweat at the thought of sleazy sales tactics and tacky self-promotion, am I right?

But without sales and importantly without a solid PROFIT, we don't have a viable business, so all the marketing in the world won't make a difference if we don't learn how to sell.

And that's why I'm so excited that my guest today for this final episode in the current series is Annie P Ruggles, founder of the Non-Sleazy Sales Academy who is anti-hard sales, anti-tacky self-promotion and instead guides business owners to grow their businesses through deeper connections and genuine, service focused and friendlier but still lucrative sales conversations.

In our conversation today Annie shares so many great nuggets of wisdom including:

  • Why just being more visible IS NOT enough and why sales avoidance is a chronic condition that will stunt your business growth

  • How the martyrdom of over-serving without selling is teaching your customers NOT to buy from you and can lead you down the path to resentment

  • Why not learning how to sell is driving your ideal clients to your competition who probably won't care as much as you do

  • Why silence and pain are the missing pieces of the sales puzzle and the questions you need to ask after you speak your price

  • The sales baggage that you need to let go of BEFORE you learn to sell without the sleaze

  • How to deal gracefully with ‘no’ in your sales conversations.

SHOWNOTES: michellereevescoaching.com/listen

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