Nov 21, 2022
S4E02 War Crimes, Genocides, and Conspiracies with Dr. Gregor Kranjc
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Today's episode deals with some of the heavier topics in the news cycle-- war, war crimes, terrorism, genocide, and the war in Ukraine. We speak with Dr. Gregor Kranjc, Associate Professor with the Department of History on his research into war and society and his courses on genocide, terrorism, and the Holocaust, as well as how to teach heavy topics and why studying history is important to countering conspiracy theories. We talk about the challenges of having family connections to your research topic, the importance of memorialization, and connections between landscape and identity.

Given these topics, today's episode may be upsetting to some listeners. We'll be back next episode with something a little lighter.



Dr. Gregor Kranjc faculty bio

Department of History, Brock University 

Government of Canada War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity 

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine occurring within a complex historical framework: Brock expert (Brock News, 24 Feb. 2022) 

Historical Dictionary of Slovenia  (Rowman and Littleton) 

To Walk with the Devil: Slovene Collaboration and Axis Occupation, 1941-1945 (University of Toronto Press)  

In the Land of Ghosts: War, Memory and Reconciliation in Kocevje, Slovenia (1941-present) (in progress)

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