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Discussions include archiving your film negative, Canon EOS 1-V, Taron 35mm camera, Book review and more!

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The Candid Frame: Conversations on Photography
The Candid Frame: Conversations on Photography
Ibarionex R. Perello
TCF Ep. 541 - Dotan Saguy
In 2015 Dotan Saguy decided to focus on his lifelong passion for photography after a successful career as a high-tech entrepreneur. Since then Dotan attended the prestigious Eddie Adams Workshop, Missouri Photo Workshop, and studied photojournalism at Santa Monica College. Dotan's award-winning photographs have been published by National Geographic, The Guardian, The Los Angeles Times, and many others. Dotan teaches street photography and documentary workshops for Leica Akademie and Momenta Workshops.  In 2018 Dotan's first monograph about the endangered culture of Venice Beach, CA was published by famed German publisher Kehrer Verlag and was awarded Bronze by the prestigious Deutscher Fotobuchpreis 2018-19. Dotan's second monograph was released by Kehrer Verlag in September 2020. This new body of work documents the everyday life of a family of vehicle dwellers with their three young children on the streets of Los Angeles.   Websites Dotan Saguy Jamie Johnson Dotan’s Street Photography Workshop Dotan’s YouTube Channel   Sponsor Charcoal Book Club - Sign up today   Education Resources: Photo NOLA Ibarionex’s Workshop for Photo NOLA Momenta Photographic Workshops   Candid Frame Resources Download the free Candid Frame app for your favorite smart device. Click here to download for . Click here to download Support the work we do at The Candid Frame by contributing to our Patreon effort.  You can do this by visiting or visiting the website and clicking on the Patreon button. You can also provide a one-time donation via . You can follow Ibarionex on and .
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PetaPixel Photography Podcast
PetaPixel Photography Podcast
Mike "Sharky" James
Ep. 339: Dual? Shocker. Called It. - and more
Episode 339 of the PetaPixel Photography Podcast. Download MP3 - Subscribe via iTunes, Google Play, email or RSS! Featured: Entertainment and celebrity photographer, Noam Galai In This Episode If you subscribe to the PetaPixel Photography Podcast in iTunes, please take a moment to rate and review us and help us move up in the rankings so others interested in photography may find us. Show Opener: Entertainment and celebrity photographer, Noam Galai. Thanks Noam! Sponsors: - Fujifilm's 52 weeks of FREE education. Build Your Legacy with Fujifilm - Get 20% off at with offer code PetaPixel20 - Get the new CineEye2 and more at - Get FreshBooks cloud accounting FREE for 30 DAYS by entering PetaPixel in the "How Did You Hear About Us?" section at - More at Stories: Nikon's Z6 II, Z7 II and the feature I predicted they'd have. (#) Fujifilm adds another great feature via firmware to the X-T3. (#) Lightroom Classic gets sweet new AI-based features. (#) Adobe Photoshop gets useful new features. (#) Manfrotto adds higher-capacity camera batteries and chargers to its lineup. (#) This grip adds the ability to shoot vertically to Nikon's first tries. (#) Fujifilm's new XF10-24mm f/4 R OIS. (#) Connect With Us Thank you for listening to the PetaPixel Photography Podcast! Connect with me, Sharky James on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook (all @LensShark) as we build this community. We’d love to answer your question on the show. Leave us an audio question through our voicemail widget, comment below or via social media. But audio questions are awesome! You can also cut a show opener for us to play on the show! As an example: “Hi, this is Matt Smith with Double Heart Photography in Chicago, Illinois, and you’re listening to the PetaPixel Photography Podcast with Sharky James!”
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Ask Drone U
Ask Drone U
Drone U
ADU 01148: What Is Navigable Airspace and How It May Affect Drone U Pilots
In today's show, we attempt to decode what navigable airspace truly means. Getting to the bottom of this can help drone pilots navigate the confusing maze of drone rules and laws to clearly understand where they can and cannot fly. Back in 1946, United States vs. Causby (1946), a Supreme Court decision abolished "ad coelum". "Ad coelum" stated that a person who owned the soil also owned all of the airspace above it. But, while, the Courts abolished ad coelum, they also rejected the government's claim to possess all the space above ground. Which brings us to the moot question - what exactly is navigable airspace? Going by pure logic, if space up to your treetops is "non-navigable", why can't you fly without a Part 107 in your own backyard? And, going by this same logic, if you are flying a commercial job in "non-navigable" airspace, why do you need any sort of flight approval at all? We discuss all this and much in today's show. Enjoy! If you enjoyed this show, you might enjoy going through Who Owns the Sky?: The Struggle to Control Airspace from the Wright Brothers Whether you are just getting started or looking to increase your revenue stream, our drone service providers are ready to help you achieve your most ambitious goals. Check out all our classes for 2020 by going here – Recently crashed your drone? Unable to find trained technicians who can repair your drone quickly and at a reasonable rate? Don’t fret. The cool folks at Fortress UAV can help you get your drone back up in the air in as little as 7 days! Use Promo Code “DroneU” to get 25% off. Drone U Members get an extra 5% off on total repair costs. Check them out now! Get Your Biggest and Most Common Drone Certificate Questions Answered by Downloading this FREE Part 107 PDF Make sure to get yourself the all-new Drone U landing pad! Get your questions answered: If you enjoy the show, the #1 thing you can do to help us out is to subscribe to it on iTunes. Can we ask you to do that for us real quick? While you’re there, leave us a 5-star review, if you’re inclined to do so. Thanks! Become a Drone U Member. Access to over 30 courses, great resources, and our incredible community. Follow Us Site – – – – – Timestamps Does the FAA have complete right over airspace? Are there any exceptions? Can you legally fly your drone inside a roofed stadium? As per United States vs. Causby (1946), do you own the airspace above your private property? What is navigable airspace? Do we even have a precise, legal definition? Can you fly your drone in your backyard even if you live in controlled airspace? Can you fly without a license in your own backyard if you are staying beneath the treetops? Can you legally fly your drone over tribal land? Why we need to regulate airspace at a federal level, and what a patchwork of state laws would mean for the industry as a whole What is the legal definition of navigable airspace? We sum up today's show
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