Ep 5: Individual vs. Collective Insanity (Batman and the City)
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Are you a Coffee Achiever?, Batman analysis, Grant Morrison, Scott Snyder, Aldous Huxley, Brave New World Revisited, Mass Formation Psychosis, Freud, The Future of an Illusion, religion, What is mental health in an insane world?, constant crisis, the Joker, "needing" to follow leaders, 100% agreement complex, following political pundits and philosophers as if they were super-heroes, Wittgenstein, Jacques Ellul, The Technological Society, overrating memes, wojaks, internet arguments, internet stalking, transference, "Florida Guy" radio host, bidets, Warhol's dirty underwear, Warhol / Chris Chan, Warhol's time capsules, "dirty crapped briefs", "anal symbolism in Hollywood movies", John Adams (podcaster), numerology, James Joyce, Finnegans Wake, Unabomber, AnPrim Gang (anarchoprimitivism), "return to monke", remakes, traditional culture heroes, Greek mythology, capitalism, Shakespeare's plays, folktales, Faust, Marlowe, Goethe, ancient Greek tragedy, Sophocles, conceit of originality, copyright laws, everything being recorded, Baudrillard, hyperreal, nostalgia, Britpop, Oasis, Beatles, Tony Blair, John Lydon, Tom Snyder interview, Do people deserve a better world?, Elon Musk, "Why Aren't They Dead Yet?", people openly wishing death on large swathes of the population, affect of pandemic lockdowns on kids, Andy Warhol's childhood, "think of the children", Klaus Schwab, autism, Blake Gopnik, two years of low-level trauma, Batman '89 movie, Frank Miller, adults consuming kids' entertainment, Lord of the Rings movies, Batwoman tv show, group psychology, My Dinner with Andre, Unabomber, anarcho primitivism, Spider-Man, Superman, Nietzsche, George Bernard Shaw, comic books, villains, coitus interruptus, mega-capitalists, bailouts, philanthropy, Keynesian economics, the magic money printer, welfare, grievance, Marxist interpretation, stimulus checks, the Rat Utopia experiment, Zarathustra, leaving the city, Charles Galton Darwin, Nick Gillespie, dystopian literature, 1984, Soviet Union, Victoria Jackson, Obama, cult of personality, Bush, Trump. Closing song: "Arch of the Aorta" by Fad Gadget.

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