Jill Treece
Dedicated to Making Science Accessible & Deep, Authentic Horse-Human Relationships More Possible Than Ever Before. EquiTheory is an Equestrian Podcast — produced by the host, Jill Treece — dedicated to making science accessible & deep, authentic horse-human relationships more possible than ever before. EquiTheory covers topics All Things Horse, Science-Based Progressive Training, Equine Behavior, Mental Health & more all in an effort to move the horse industry toward a better world for horses & their human counterparts. I want to challenge equestrians to try something new & different. I want to encourage them to take their journey with horses into their own hands & explore the why’s of training. Investigate how your individual horse learns best. Incorporate a liberated philosophy & practice around ethical based training. Research, learn, & understand so that you can control the unique relationship that only you & your horse share. The idea is not to demand that you train & experience horses identically to myself, but to instead provide you with alternative information & give you permission as an equestrian to decide for yourself what is best for your horse. My goal is to give you — as the reader, the rider, the horse-lover, the equestrian — the tools you need to ask questions, discover your own voice, & create a world for your horse where fear is no longer something you offer. Instead, you offer connection & empowerment. Tune in every week for new deep dives, stories, training advice & a new perspective! Spice up your drive to the barn, stall cleaning, or normal human things with a podcast all about improving your relationship with & understanding of your horse!
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