Avoid this mistake, keep students
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In this episode, I'm going to tell you the one mistake to avoid to ensure that your students return to you after a camp or class session. + recording + Let me ask you this: when your kids' camps or class sessions end, do you let parents randomly decide if they want sign-up again with you? Or do you proactively pursue them to stay? Don't make a mistake of letting them go, because keeping existing customers is 7 times cheaper than acquiring new ones. Your existing students already know and love you, and with a little extra attention, they will stay.


Before we dive into the one mistake to avoid and keep your students, let me give you a quick context: when parents drop off their kids with you, they constantly think about how their precious little bundles are doing. At the end of each day, they will ask their kid if they had fun. But they might not always hear a positive answer, it depends of the perception of the kid for that day. You will have no control what the kid would say. So, the parent will make daily micro-decisions about your activity, and if it is not positive, they might not sign up again. But you have great activities that kids love, and the parents are not getting the whole story. So can you do? The mistake many Studio owners do is, do nothing. Let the parents make the decision to sign up again or not to what they hear form their kids. Keep hoping the kids are doing the sale for you. That is the mistake. What you can do is to take control of the narrative, the feedback about your activity, so you know it is always positive. Keep in front of the parents on your social media and by sending them regular e-mails. Fidn out the exact steps in this podcast. 

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