F.D.R. (F*ck Da Rich): May Day, International Workers Day & Masturbation Month Kickoff 2021!
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Warning: Explicit Conversations About Politics, Culture, & Sexuality

It’s a trifecta of fiestas: May Day, International Workers Day, and the first sacred self-loving day of Masturbation Month 2021. Brothers and Sisters, Wankers and Monkey-Spankers, Workers of the World—and that includes Sex Workers—Unite! Smash your chains (unless you’re into bondage)! Break out the Maypoles, Hitachi Magic Wands, Communist Manifestos and lube! It’s also almost Cinco de Mayo, so break out the salsa (just don’t confuse the lube with the salsa)! Feliz Masturbación de Mayo!

And take this bonoboësque, sapiosexual, party ride on the Love Train, as we pick up “Most Well-Rounded Kinkster” SUZY award-winning MFA, MILF and “hot art teacher,” Rhiannon Aarons (who recalls our threesome with me and a big phallic green gourd named Gourdy), and more, telling tales of first-time masturbation experiences along with our most recent which, in some cases, happened just before the show!

Origin Storytelling begins with May Day, rising up from the prehistoric Floralia like a joyously erect Maypole. International Workers' Day, the ultimate F*ck Da Rich Fest, declared in 1889 by the Socialist/Communist Second International, commemorates Chicago’s “Haymarket” workers’ revolt. A century later, Masturbation Month was proclaimed by my late great mentor Dr. Betty Dodson and Good Vibrations, honoring U.S. Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders, fired for saying public school sex education could teach that masturbation is a good safer sex option. If only President Bill Clinton had listened to Dr. J’s advice… See why self-pleasure is so important—not just for you—but for the world? So, go bonobos (yes, bonobos do it too), and give yourself a hand. You Do You. Celebrate the month of May…

Slight tangent: California Governor Gavin Newsom’s ill-advised French Laundry dinner is kind of like Clinton’s bad-judgment BJ. Newsom should have dined at home, and Clinton should have masturbated alone. Still, that was no reason for Clinton to be impeached, nor for Newsom to be recalled!

Our sizzling post-show throwback features sexy Savannah Fyre (now Alana Cruise) kicking off “Masturbation Month 2016” with a bang and a sparkling Spring squirt. I also present the 8 Great Virtues of Masturbation. Virtues? Yes, indeed, denigrated as “self-abuse” for centuries, now we are calling it what it is: self-pleasure. It feels good. And it is good. But what is it good for? Listen and learn…

Wankers of the World Unite! Want more? Watch what we can’t show you here and read the Journal: https://drsusanblockinstitute.com/guided-masturbation

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