Decoding Digital
Decoding Digital
Mar 23, 2021
Decoding Fear: Amy Chang on Leaning into the Unknown
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Should CEOs be fearless? Amy Chang thinks not. In fact, Amy credits fear as one of the biggest motivators throughout her impressive career so far. In this episode, Amy reveals the mindset behind her biggest career decisions to date, what inspires her to lean into the unknown, and the techniques she uses to master her entrepreneurial fears.

Amy shares her thoughts on...

Embracing the Unknown:

“I think if you're not scared at all, either you're fooling yourself or there might be something pathologically wrong with you, because if you're going from complete security to complete insecurity, all humans will experience moments of fear of the unknown. I think that's very natural and normal. And how you push through that fear and how you make it useful to you. That's the part that I think we all are training on and trying to be better at.”

Leaning into Fear:

“I actually think that fear can be a very healthy thing. It can help speed up urgency. It can help make certain that you're prioritizing things properly and prioritizing resources properly. Because figuring out what to say ‘no’ to is as important as whatever you say ‘yes’ to.”

The Myth of Fearless Leaders:

“I think it is such a common misconception that if you feel fear that perhaps you're not qualified to be CEO, that perhaps you shouldn't be an entrepreneur because entrepreneurs are fearless. And I just don't think that's true.”

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