D8 Night
D8 Night Podcast
If you like bad puns, weird worlds, and/or roleplaying games, this is the podcast for you! Will Mayer, Aimee Mayer, Mike Glass, Sam Housman, Ivelisse Housman, and occasional guest players get together and play D&D in a homebrew campaign created just for the podcast. D8 Night: an actual play D&D Podcast where our heroes save Volyanaya, one bad decision at a time. Explore a world in turmoil, on the cusp of a new age, and with only our heroes to save it — after completing other important side quests concerning pie espionage, Japanese style game shows, and out of body journeys into one crucial goat’s inner space! Our heroes are in for a journey that spans the globe of Volyanya; a world of magic, unexplored fey lands, blighted jungles, and fantasy anachronisms from horizon to horizon. Can they survive battles with monsters, poorly designed traps, thinly veiled pop-culture references, an inordinate amount of corn related magic items, and encounters with hundreds of NPCs who all sound vaguely familiar? There’s only one way to find out.
D8 Night
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