Jul 13, 2021
65 - Renewable Elegy feat. E.E. Jones
Play • 1 hr 15 min

"a poem is a place you lick raw"

- Oksana Vasyakina.


This week we are joined by poet E.E. Jones as we journey through an eclectic selection of radical verse. Russian feminist poetry, queer poetry, Keralan communist poetry, poets of Bangladesh, Negritude, Langston Hughes, slam poetry, and some British favourites: Blake, Shelley, William Morris, and the Liverpool poets (Roger McGough et al).


With readings from The Incident by E.E. Jones. Plus, the prosaic benefits of a 4 day week.


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The Incident by E.E. Jones  


The Marriage of Heaven and Hell by William Blake  


An Earthly Paradise by William Morris  


Dramatisation of John Ball's radical speech of 1381  


To the Republicans of North America by PB Shelley  


Similes for Two Political Characters of 1819  


A Song: Men of England by PB Shelley  


'The man of virtuous soul', lines from Queen Mab by PB Shelley  


The Mask of Anarchy by PB Shelley  


Shelley - Poet & Revolutionary by Jacqueline Mulhallen  


Peterloo Survivors Photograph 


Love Is by Adrian Henri 


Liverpool Poems by Adrian Henri 


I Want To Paint by Adrian Henri 


The Minister for Exams by Brian Patten 


Icarus Allsorts by Roger McGough 


McGough and Patten reading from their own poetry 


The Mersey Sound 


Baby by The Liverpool Scene 


Lenin by Langston Hughes 


Working Class History podcast on Joseph Skipsey  


I Hear America Singing by Walt Whitman 


I, Too, Sing America by Langston Hughes 


"Where the mind is without fear" by Tagore (alternative translation) 


Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy on Marxism and colonialism 


Woman by Nazrul 


Tribute to Nazrul including lines from The Rebel 


Full version of Bhaskaran piece 


The French Revolution.... by Wordsworth 


A brief guide to Negritude 


Four poems by Léopold Senghor 


Notebook of a Return to my Native Land by Aimé Cesaire 


The Train Hotel Paris-Barcelona 


How Russia's Feminist Poets Are Changing What It Means to Protest  


Summer. Gates of the Body by Galina Rymbu 


These People Didn't Know My Father by Oksana Vasyakina 


My Vagina by Galina Rymbu 


F Letter: New Russian Feminist Poetry 


My Sharona by The Knack 


A Gay Poem by Keith Jarrett 


4 day week experiment in Iceland 


"Four-day working week would slash UK carbon footprint" 


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