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Have you ever experienced a moment that completely changed your perspective? That moment when you thought you knew what to expect, but were hit with an unexpected twist that left you reeling?

Well, that's exactly what happened to me at conferences.

At first, it was all about the excitement of meeting my podcasting idols and making new connections. But little did I know, the true treasure of these gatherings was something entirely different.

Stay tuned to find out the surprising twist that completely transformed how I approach conferences, leaving me hungry for more.

Quotes from the episode:

"The gold is in the follow up. That's where you actually reap the rewards of the conference." - Eric Nevins

"I think we need as Christians to show up to those events as much as we can." - Eric Nevins

"Great questions never get old. They have the power to connect, inspire, and create meaningful conversations. "- Eric Nevins

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Discover the unexpected rewards of participating in podcasting conferences.

  • Understand the fundamental role that networking plays in the podcast industry.

  • Learn how to wield conversation as a tool for creating meaningful industry relationships.

  • Grasp why maintaining connections post-conference can fuel your podcast's growth.

  • Identify the power of leveraging a variety of communication avenues for efficient collaboration.

Timestamped summary of this episode:

00:00:00 - Introduction,
Eric Nevins welcomes listeners to the Christian Podcaster and introduces the podcast as a resource for learning and growing in podcasting.

00:01:21 - Podcast Movement,
Eric shares his excitement for the upcoming Podcast Movement conference and the opportunity to connect with other podcasters, both Christian and non-Christian. He highlights the value of meeting new people and the chance to represent Christ in the podcasting community.

00:04:10 - Meeting Podcasting Heroes,
Eric reflects on his past experiences of meeting influential podcasters at conferences, such as Eric Fisher, John Lee Dumas, and Cliff Ravenscraft. He encourages listeners that it is possible to meet and connect with their own podcasting heroes.

00:07:56 - Learning to Serve,
Eric recalls a valuable lesson he learned at the Free the Dream conference about the importance of serving others. He encourages listeners to approach conferences with a spirit of service and to ask how they can help others.

00:09:55 - Concentrating Content Consumption,
Eric advises listeners to be strategic in choosing which sessions to attend at conferences. Rather than trying to consume all the content, he suggests focusing on specific topics or speakers that align with their podcasting goals.

00:11:10 - More Than Free Events,
Eric reminds listeners that conferences offer more than just free events. While it's enjoyable to attend these events, he encourages listeners to prioritize their own well-being and not feel obligated to participate in every

00:13:40 - The Importance of Crafting Engaging Questions,
Eric shares the importance of having a few go-to questions to avoid awkward silences and engage in interesting conversations. By asking about topics that others may not usually talk about, you can make the interaction about the other person and create meaningful connections.

00:15:07 - Enjoying the Conference Experience,
Eric expresses his love for attending conferences and the opportunity to connect with people. However, he also acknowledges that social interactions can be draining, and sometimes it's necessary to take a break and relax, especially when attending a conference in your own city.

00:15:56 - The Power of Follow-Up,
Eric emphasizes the importance of following up with contacts after a conference. Within three to seven days, he suggests sending emails or messages to connect and solidify any potential collaborations or connections made during the event. Consistent follow-up can lead to successful outcomes.

00:16:59 - Persistence in Follow-Up,
Eric advises continuing to send follow-up emails if initial attempts do not receive a response. He suggests spacing out the emails by several days to maintain contact and increase the chances of a reply. Persistence in follow-up can be key to reaping the rewards of a conference.

00:17:48 - Share Your Conference Learnings,
Eric invites listeners to share their own conference learnings and experiences. He encourages feedback and discussion, inviting participants to comment on the podcast episode or reach out through the Christian Podcasters Association website or social media platforms.

Resources Mentioned: 

  • Join the Christian Podcasters Association/ Christian Podcasters Association Facebook group: If you're interested in starting or growing your Christian podcast, consider joining the Christian Podcasters Association. You can find more information and sign up on their website.

  • Attend Podcast Movement: If you're a podcaster or aspiring podcaster, consider attending Podcast Movement, the largest podcasting conference in the world. It's a great opportunity to learn, network, and meet other podcasters. Check out their website for more details and to register for the event.

  • Join the Christian Podcasters Association membership

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