044 Five Mind Issues in Emotional Eating and Remodeling Your Thoughts
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As we’ve spent the last four weeks discussing how to overcome emotional eating. It really does seem to be something most of us have as a common experience. But that doesn’t mean we have to allow it to wreak havoc in our lives! If you deal with habitual overeating as a way of handling difficult feelings, thoughts, and situations that aren’t related to physical hunger…then you are in the right place!

I’d like to suggest that if you haven’t listened to the Overcoming Emotional Eating series, please do so (podcasts #40 through #43) and download your free Guide Through Emotional Eating at https://www.cherylszarko.com/emotionaleating/. This guide and these 4 podcasts are really going to help you with a step-by-step weapon in your battle with emotional eating.

And for the rest of you, let’s go deeper. This month we will look at foundational problems with emotional eating, starting today with issues of the mind that can lead us to emotional eating.

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