Charlie's Toolbox
Charlie's Toolbox is a podcast for women rediscovering themselves after a heartbreak, a traumatic event, or simply wants to change. The moments after a hit to your self-esteem are some of the hardest. You want to feel confident, but you have doubt. You want to move forward, but your fear won't let you. You want to feel like you again, but you are not sure if you can. If you are in this space, this podcast for you. In each episode researcher, Charlie Taylor will teach you how to overcome self-criticism, low self-esteem, self-worth issues and help you trust yourself again. While there are plenty of coaches that assist with these obstacles, Charlie's approach is unconventional. She does not ignore structures like patriarchy, white supremacy, and homophobia. She provides steps that help the individual but also plans for societal structures.
Charlie's Toolbox
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