3: Lifestyle Design Experiment - Week 2 Recap
Play • 36 min

In this episode I share my thoughts after 2 weeks of my "Lifestyle Design Experiment" in which I observe the following daily practices:


1. Wake up at 4:30am

2. 15 minutes of meditation

3. 3 pages of journaling

4. 1 hour of exercise

5. 1 gallon of water

6. Write tomorrows task list before bed

7. No alcohol, cigarettes or recreational drugs



- Feeling better on less sleep

- Overfilling my task list and need to more accurately estimate the time it will take to finish tasks

- I think I should do the quick tasks first and leave the more open ended tasks for later

- I am really enjoying this structure

- Questions about what's really important here: The consistency of the structure or the specific sleep-wake times? How can I retain the benefits of this system while being flexible enough to meet the often late night demands of my profession?


Also in this episode, I dive into the question of "Does anything really matter?" given the fact that everything will be gone eventually. I've wrestled with this question from time to time, and after sitting with this thought for awhile, I feel like I found a positive outlook on this reality and came to a conclusion that makes sense to me and feels good to me.

I discuss the incredible ripple effect of our actions, and how they can have far reaching effects that we don't anticipate. Both within our own lives, and also beyond ourselves, touching the lives of others. I cite a couple examples from my own life. If you are one of those people who have impacted me in a positive way, thank you. I only named two people in my examples, but there are countless others, and you know who you are. Or maybe you don't. Sometimes we can't see the ripples we make and the people they impact.

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