How to Feel Better
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We all want to feel better. 

We want to be happy, and want to feel positive emotions. 

But unfortunately our brains have a negativity bias which means we are way more sensitive and give a lot more weight to negative facts and information than positive ones. 

So if you are feeling more negative emotions than positive ones, you are not weird or any different from other people. It’s because you are human, and there are ways to cope.  

When you are feeling bad, try these three steps to feel better.

1. Observe the thought that is creating the feeling. And choose a thought that will make you feel better.

2. Ask yourself, Is what I am thinking or doing helping me or hurting me?

3. Write a list of your accomplishments, and the moments when you were brave and proud of yourself. Also, gather all the nice messages you got from people and save them in one place. And read them when you are feeling bad.

In this episode, I share my story and examples to help you apply these steps to your own life. I hope they will help you to feel better and bring more positivity into your life! 


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