37 | Her Income Skyrocketed by 1700% & She Is Leaving Her Job! FCA Student Success Story (Megan Becker)
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I had the honor and the privilege to sit down with one of my students, Megan Becker from Grace Rooted Nutrition, and talk about what the Holy Spirit is doing in her business and how Faith-Fueled Coach Academy has been such a pivotal role in not just her business growth, but in her personal growth as well.   I seriously cannot believe it has only been 6 months, and Megan is just absolutely SHINING... and not shining in a way that is like "look at me, look at me," but instead, she is shining the light of Jesus and it's so evident.   You'll find this out when you listen to our conversation, but Megan actually said NO to joining FCA at first. She had A LOT of fear and doubt that she was dealing with. Before she joined, I remember her expressing that she didn't believe that going full-time in coaching would even be possible for her. She didn't even believe she could go down to part-time in her full time job and create even a part time income from coaching.   And I kid you not, it was about 3 or 4 weeks into FCA and she was able go down to part-time at her full-time job. And now, her monthly revenue from her business has increased by 1700% since joining FCA, and is CONSISTENTLY growing. She is also NOW about to leave her job and pursue her coaching business FULL-TIME in the new year.   She has been so obedient to the Holy Spirit EVEN WHEN it was so scary for her, because her just saying yes to FCA was INCREDIBLY scary for her, but it is just SO EVIDENT that God has just led her throughout this entire experience...   And to think... all this happened in a 6 month time period.   I truly cannot rave ENOUGH about Megan... so of course I am just so excited to introduce you to her and share this conversation with you. Because the work that God is doing through her really is just... remarkable.   Connect with Megan here:
Instagram: @gracerootednutrition Website: www.gracerootednutrition.com   All of that to say...   If YOU are feeling led to start or scale your Holy Spirit led coaching business...

The castle doors to FCA are open to the public right now, so if you know it's time to grow your Holy Spirit-led coaching business and finally go full-time online, then you need to join us inside of FCA.

Faith Fueled Coach Academy (FCA) is a program that is designed to take you step by step through starting and scaling your Holy Spirit-led coaching business.

Whether you are a new coach, a seasoned coach, or even an aspiring coach, the methods you learn and master inside of FCA is the investment that will keep on giving. I've had the opportunity, blessing, and honor of coaching some incredible students who have been able to quit their full-time jobs and go full-time with their coaching business (yes, brand new and seasoned coaches).

Something that is really important for you to know about this program is that it is not just some program that I threw together on a whim. No, this program has been my focus since February of 2021, and I have been developing it, refining it, and optimizing it to be the best solution on the market for Christians who are looking to start and/or scale their Holy Spirit-led coaching business so that they can finally see the results they know are possible and go full-time in their online coaching.

FCA castle doors close on October 1, 2022.

In addition, this round I'm offering an insane bonus. My team thought I was crazy for doing this, but I'm giving away 2 FREE 1:1 60-minute coaching sessions with myself to the first 5 people who enroll in the program (there are only a couple of spots left!!).

That being said, let's go ahead and dive into the show.


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