Jun 30, 2021
Episode 26: Can the social media “likes”, ”shares”, ”comments” increase a post‘s Google ranking? How is herd mentality related to popularity?
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Is your content valuable measured by "likes", "shares", & comments, real, or fake? What makes a post rank on Google?


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A Podcast by Joanne Z. Tan, Founder & CEO of 10 Plus Brand, Inc.

On social media, not all "likes" are phony, but there are definitely phony "likes". Fishing for “likes” rather than giving value is a waste of time for both the “fishers” and the “fished”. 

Questions for the listeners: Is it true that the more likes, shares, comments a post gets, even phony likes, the higher the Google ranking for the post will be? Is Google so easily fooled? Anyone who knows about this, please feel free to leave your comments to educate me and the rest of the reading audience.

The number of likes a post receives does not entirely reflect the value of the content, there are five reasons.


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