Dec 27, 2022
Episode 70: Rating 6 famous American women
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Likable? Ambitious? Brilliant? - If yes, you may be a leader; if a WOMAN leader: X3!

This is Joanne Tan of 10 Plus Brand.

A brief case study of 6 famous women: Barbara Bush, Michele Obama, Hilary Clinton, Kamala Harris, Liz Cheney, and Nancy Pelosi. I will rate the top two or three for the first two categories of ambition and brilliance.

Three of them are ambitious: Hilary Clinton, Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi.  Michele Obama repeatedly said that she would never run for president in spite of her popularity, - this has made her more likable.

Three of them are brilliant: Nancy Pelosi, Hilary Clinton, Michele Obama. Kamala Harris is at best a partyliner, her luck of riding on the Biden bus has carried her to VP, but not on her own merit, and absolutely not based on her own power of mind or wisdom.

Four of them are likable (personally, not measured by political partisanship): Barbara Bush, Michele Obama, Liz Chaney, and Nancy Pelosi. 

Which woman scores high in ALL three categories?

Disregarding politics, Nancy Pelosi is a wholesome, courageous, faithful, brilliant, skillful, passionate and compassionate person. At the end of her daughter’s documentary “Pelosi in the House”, Nancy quoted a saying that perfectly summarized her career and her character: “When someone dies and faces God’s question: ‘Where is your wound? Isn’t there something worth fighting for during your life on earth?’” She has won the hearts and souls of so many, NOT because she wanted to self-anoint as the “first but not the last” (said Kamala), NOT because she was always viewing herself as the “role-model” for women (says Hilary), but because she always regarded and performed her work and her roles as a sacred responsibility for her beloved America, democracy, and God. She described herself as a “work horse”. 

Nancy is the only woman among the six who scores high in all three categories, - ambition, brilliance, likability. But that is not enough. For a WOMAN to succeed in a high position, she has to work three times harder than men, as she said in the documentary, “you just cannot be tired.” 

My hat off to Nancy Pelosi. Thank you Nancy for being a true role model for ALL: men, women, independents, democrats, republicans - as the GOP house speaker John Boehner tearfully said: “Game recognizes game”. 

In brand building, if anyone asks me about a truly powerful and authentic personal brand, Nancy Pelosi is my perfect example, a wholesome illustration of standing for something, with conviction, passion, intelligence, and integrity.

Like what you heard? Please share!  (Unless you want Kamala Harris to be our next president). 

Thank you.

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