Aug 17, 2022
Episode 61: Is A Life Complete Without Another?_A Poem by Joanne Tan
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Is a Life Complete without Another?  (A Poem written by Joanne Tan, Aug. 2022.)

To watch Joanne Tan reading it as a video

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Alone, helpless, utterly dependent - we came to the world.

Alone, helpless, utterly dependent - we leave this Earth,

regardless of fame, fortune, power, position.


Inherently needy

is not the same as

independently alone.


Blessed are you 

if you share your life with a beloved, 

yoked through happiness and frustration, joy and pain,

together and alone,

love and hate,

betrayal, disgrace,

as partners,

as friends.


Blessed am I 

if my journey’s loyal companion is my shadow till the end,


(To Read the entire poem as a blog.)

(To watch Joanne Tan reading the poem as a video.)

© Joanne Z. Tan.  Written Aug. 10-20, 2022.

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