The Blackdog Cast
Alex Palmer
Cycling powered mental health awareness... This whole thing started from a bunch of friends who ride bikes, sitting around chatting one day and realising they were all going through or had gone through varying degrees of mental health issues. A problem shared and all that… it helped us all to know we were not the only ones dealing with this shit so we thought cycling & riding bikes was a good way to get more blokes talking about this whole thing. Blackdog seemed like a good name for it, we got a logo, made some stickers and kit and that was it. Fast forward a few years and here we are giving the whole project a re-boot. Mental health issues are getting worse, men are still struggling to deal with this sort of thing, 1000’s are victims of suicide.. so if we make just a little dent in this by encouraging people to talk about it and share some of our own experiences and stories that’s a good thing.
The Blackdog Cast
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