Beyond Bitcoin
Beyond Bitcoin
Nov 2, 2022
Beyond Bitcoin Ep 61 (audio) - Web 3 - VC investment and projects trends. - Perspectives from Principal at Blockrocket - Sagar Barvaliya
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Great Conversation with Sagar Barvaliya  - a Investor, where he shared his perspective on builders and projects.

Sagar has an interesting journey  he shared with us, he was trained as an engineer and previously worked for Porsche and start-up accelerators before deciding to go "all-in" into the crypto space. As an Engineer, He was always close to building something and the actual job of a civil engineer is to build bridges and Houses, Now he is building the bridges in Web3. He is a Chief Networking officer/Principal at Blockrocket and helps portfolio startups with 360 degree advisory.

We dissected into VC investment and projects trends, where Out of all the overarching sectors in the blockchain industry in decentralized finance (DeFi,) centralized finance (CeFi,) blockchain infrastructure, Web3 and nonfungible tokens (NFT,) DeFi was basically always king for VC capital inflows. That all changed in Q2, when Web3 garnered around 42% of all the individual deals, leaving DeFi in a far distant second at 16%. This trend was highlighted further when analyzing the most active investors, who made around 42% of all deal activity for Q2, a drop from 65% in Q1.

Our discussion focused on what is shaping the industry and a Venture perspective.

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