Better Call Daddy
Better Call Daddy
May 20, 2022
231. To Love And Be Loved After Trafficking And Trauma. Lena Cebula
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Lena Cebula never would have imagined sharing her miraculous story.  She felt like there was no hope for someone like her growing up in Ukraine.  She was human trafficked to Israel, addicted to drugs, found God, and had her prayers answered.  Today she’s a Christian, an author, motivational speaker, podcaster, host of Love & Bloved, and social justice advocate. Her podcast was created to encourage, inspire and to give hope.  If you have pain, keep trying!  Have faith!

Better Call Daddy: The Safe Space For Comtroversy.

Are you struggling to believe there is a purpose for your life, that you can make sense of what seems like a mess? Struggling to believe that there is someone -anyone - who cares about you? Struggling to believe that after all you've been through, seen, or done that there is a chance you'll ever find peace and wholeness again? As a little girl growing up in a post-USSR Ukrainian iron mining town, Lena spent her life grappling with these same questions. This raw, transparent account of her life chronicles the years she spent running - running from a broken family, broken country, and broken dreams - in pursuit of something or someone who could calm the hopeless nightmare that her life had become. Drug addicted, alcohol dependent, and twice trafficked to foreign countries, she still had glimpses of what her life could be and kept chasing the elusive peace she constantly craved. However, on the other side of each empty promise of fulfillment she only ever found more pain until one day, one promise checked out. Lena met someone who showed her she didn't have to run anymore. Miraculous is a story of the storm before the calm, a journey from pain to healing. It is Lena's story, but it could be yours, too.


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Miraculous: My journey from hell to heaven.


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