Better Off Better
Better Off Better
Oct 21, 2021
We Tried Crystal Healing Therapy For a Week | Better Off Better #52
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For our long-anticipated season 2 premiere, we tried crystal healing therapy for a week! A venture into the world of shiny stones built to change our lives for the better. These majestic crystals are said to have spiritual healing tendencies, life-changing elements and a whole bunch of other whacky fun. Come along for our crystal-filled season 2 journey!


This is Better Off Better #52 - We Tried Crystal Healing Therapy For a Week


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Better Off Better is Hosted by Chris K. Daniels, Jenny Whipple and Sam Caswell 

The Better Off Better Podcast is a comedy podcast following the competitive, cut-throat journey to self-betterment betwixt our offbeat trio. We laugh, we yell, we cry, we learn, we fight, and occasionally we attempt to improve ourselves as people. 

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Topics discussed in this episode include: self-help, self-betterment, therapy, experimental meditation, self-improvement, weird therapy, depression fixes, unhealthy friendships, cruel discussions and much more!

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