Tech for Finance
Tech for Finance
Apr 12, 2023
Chris Reilly - Why AI Can't Replace Human Gut-Feel and Experience | Ep.019
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Episode - 019: In this episode, we welcome Chris Reilly, founder of Mission Capital Consulting and Financial Modeling Education, as he shares insights on self-employment, marketing, financial modeling, and the impact of AI on the finance industry. We discuss strategies for transitioning to self-employment and the importance of marketing and sales skills for finance professionals. Chris also highlights the pros and cons of low-code tools versus Excel, the role of junior finance professionals in mergers and acquisitions, and valuable resources for learning more about finance. We explore the limitations of AI in surfacing context and the skills needed for building financial models, the issue of trust in AI, and its potential impact on education. Additionally, we examine the future of AI, its integration into various industries, and the challenges of policing and securing the technology. Don't miss out on this engaging conversation with Chris Riley, packed with valuable insights, advice, and resources for finance professionals and those considering a transition to self-employment. Show Notes: Where to find Chris -Chris on LinkedIn - -Chris' Linktree - People Mentioned -Oana Labes - -Justin Welsh - -Glenn Hopper - Technology Mentioned -Motion - -ChatGPT - Chapters: (0:00:00) - Navigating the Transition to Self-Employment (0:09:18) - Marketing & Sales for Business Success (0:16:39) - Mastering P&L and EBITDA (0:26:33) - AI Assistance Risks & Benefits (0:37:53) - Human Perspective in AI Age (0:47:48) - Leveraging AI for Time Management (0:55:13) - Business Modeling

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