Can I Drink Alcohol with PCOS?
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Can I drink alcohol with PCOS? On this episode, we cover all types of alcohol and whether it’s okay to drink with PCOS!

What alcohol factors should women with PCOS be aware of? We discuss blood sugar issues, hunger, sleep, the impact on those taking Metformin, and much more!

Everyone wants to say alcohol is good for you in moderation…is this true though? Tune into this episode to hear the benefits and misconceptions about “moderate consumption” of alcohol including wine!

What about sugar in alcohol? We talk about how the sugar in alcohol is broken down and how to pair with other drinks & food to help control insulin and hunger levels.

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While Tallene is a Registered Dietitian and Sirak a Personal Trainer, this podcast provides general information about PCOS. It is not meant to serve as fitness, nutrition or medical advice related to your individual needs. If you have questions, please talk to a medical professional. For our full privacy policy, please click on the following link: (

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