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Activated Authors
Apr 10, 2022
Bekka Willcocks ON: Food FREEDOM and Listening To Your Body
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Bekka Willcocks ON: Food FREEDOM and Listening To Your Body

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Bekka Willcocks is a level 4 qualified nutrition coach dedicated to helping others to gain a better understanding and relationship of food to further achieve their goals. Bekka wants to help others find their own food freedom and gain a sustainable balance when it comes to their nutrition and health

In this episode we go deep into:

  • Bekka’s journey to ‘Food Freedom’ [02:32]
  • Food Myths [05:27]
  • Why eating more helps you loose weight [08:18]
  • Listening to what your body wants [09:35]
  • What the body looks like in a day [11:38]
  • Common mistakes [14:31]
  • Tracking food [20:32]
  • Key facts about caffeine [24:25]
  • Snacks and Movement during the writing day [28:43]
  • Best snack foods [33:53]
  • The Patients diet [35:11]
  • How to properly fuel the body [37:38]
  • Body dysmorphia [39:56]
  • Top habits to build [45:21]
  • Emotion and food [47:31]
  • Weight and anti-depressants [49:37]
  • The best place to start [52:26]

Find out more about Bekka Willcocks:

IG: @@foodfreedomwithbekka

Watch the show:

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Special thanks to:

Show theme: Karl Hughes

Show editing: Sam Frost

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