Purposeful Product Transformation & Setting Leaders Up For Success (with Stephanie Leue, CPO @ MindEx & Product Leadership Coach)
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An interview with Stephanie Leue. Stephanie is a product leadership coach, and became CPO of MindEx since our interview. Previously she worked in a variety of roles after starting out at PayPal after being coached by Marty Cagan.

We talk about a lot, including:

  • Her leadership coaching, being an invisible companion and sparring partner
  • How she tries to set people up to not need her services, rather than continuously coaching them forever
  • Her passion for hypergrowth startups, and the difference between a startup and an unsuccessful small company
  • How a workshop with Marty Cagan left her realising that she had been a product manager all along
  • How PayPal was a launchpad for her career, and some surprising information about their waterfall practices when she joined
  • The challenges in transforming companies from waterfall to an agile product organisation
  • How product managers might not be able to change the entire organisation but that their mindset is still key to drive transformation
  • Whether lack of product thinking is the preserve of big companies alone, or if small startups can show the same behaviours
  • The importance of making conscious decisions about the type of company you are - marketing-led, sales-led or product-led
  • How she's not always been a good boss, thought she used to be terrible, and how she's using that to teach others to be better
  • The impact of holding back too long and not making timely decisions

And much more!

Contact Stephanie

You can reach out to Stephanie on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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