202. Season 4 Finale
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Well, we’ve made it. 49 conditions, why they matter, and a little bit about what to do about them. That was the headline of season 4 of OMG: what are some conditions we might cultivate as corporate leaders in service of making decisions. But there’s also an important subtext, at least for me. The subtext is this: “I was wrong.” To be fair, I’m pretty sure I continue to be wrong, but at least now I’m aware. If you’d played the last 52 episodes of this podcast for me even 5 years ago, I’d have basically just scoffed. “Who has time for any of that nonsense when there’s so much work to do, so much at stake, so many boxes to tick, etc.?” Is how I imagine I might have responded. But now, having gone through the work of conceiving, writing and recording this season, I’m more convinced than ever. Just think: 49 conditions and it barely scratches the surface of what’s possible. Even so, if we were interested in how they might affect our decisions and intentional about cultivating them for ourselves, for our peers, for those affected by what we do…just imagine. We’d show up and be more cognitively activated, better informed, more socially cohesive, more efficient. It almost feels like cheating, but I promise it’s not. I think we’re just finally zeroing in on what actually matters in corporate governance. I don’t regret being wrong for (ugh) 21ish years, but I sure am glad to be more right than I used to be. Thanks SO much for listening to OMG. I really want to know what you think of what we’ve done this season. PLEASE consider subscribing and, even better, leaving a review through your podcast platform. And don’t hesitate to reach out to me through my website mattfullbrook.com. See you again in season 5, whenever that is.

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