150. Pro Tip: Use OMG in your boardroom
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SEASON 3 FINALE: While you're waiting for season 4, try using OMG in your boardroom.



We’ve reached the end of season three of OMG. 150 episodes. I’ve said before that every time I sit down to write for this podcast I’m afraid I won’t have any new ideas. And sure, it would be a fair criticism to say that I don’t really always have *new* ideas. I do revisit a lot of topics. But I do always feel like I have something different to say, either because I’ve changed my mind or learned something new or am just feeling a bit opinionated and snarky. That inspiration mainly comes from the people in my community. Directors, senior executives, educators, advisors, and sometimes just nerdy weirdos. I get so much insight and energy from the conversations I have with these people, and honestly I probably won’t ever run out of material as long as they’ll keep talking to me. Which brings me to my pro-tip. This pile of 150 episodes of OMG consolidates so many ideas and perspectives that I’ve gathered up over the past couple of years of my governance journey. And even though the stuff I say here may not be “right” or even all that smart sometimes, it definitely *can* act as a useful conversation starter for you, your board, and the rest of your team. Take advantage the privilege I have to speak to amazing people every day by picking out one or two episodes to share with your board and management in advance of your next board meeting. It’ll only take them a couple of minutes to listen, and it might spark some different thinking. I’ll be back in a few months with Season 4. In the meantime, reach out anytime at mattfullbrook.com if you have ideas or questions that you think I should cover next season, or if you have any other ideas to help make OMG even better. Thank you so much for listening. See you soon.

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