139. Shamelessly Promoting OMG
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I'm HUGELY grateful to all of you for listening and caring about OMG. So grateful, in fact, that I'm asking you for something more: please consider "liking," following, subscribing, reviewing, and spreading the word. 



It’s sincerely amazing to me that we’re so close to 150 episodes of OMG. Any of you who know what it’s like to put literally anything out into the world – a product or service, artwork, thought leadership, or whatever – you all know that feeling of uncertainty. No matter how confident you are that you’re on to something, there’s always that looming doubt: will *anyone* care? And let’s be real here, OMG is where I – a solitary and opinionated human being – put my own personal thoughts and opinions about an esoteric and unsexy topic out into the world. There was no guarantee that it would find an audience of any kind, let alone one so thoughtful and engaged as you. So I’ve arbitrarily decided, in episode 139, to ask you for something. Whether you’re a dedicated follower or a recent convert or a first time listener, please consider following or subscribing to OMG on your favourite podcast platform. Please also take a moment and leave a rating or review. Most importantly, the most powerful way to build an audience for a podcast is to simply tell your friends, family, and colleagues what you like about OMG and recommend that they tune in. It probably hasn’t occurred to you that OMG basically *can’t* be ad-supported without ruining the vibe. Imagine adding a 60-second advertisement at the beginning of a 90-second podcast episode? It would be AWFUL. So, no, sadly spreading the word won’t make OMG any money, but I knew that from the start. No, spreading the word just, well, spreads the word. I believe in what we’re doing, and I hope you do too. Thank you, sincerely, because knowing that you’re listening is what makes creating OMG such a fulfilling experience.

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