Out of Play Area
Out of Play Area
Aug 16, 2021
Solve Cutting Edge Game Design Problems with Sylvain Dubrofsky - Product Designer @ Oculus | Ep 15
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In episode 15 of the game dev's podcast Out of Play Area we sit with Sylvain Dubrosky a product & game designer for Facebook's Oculus Virtual Reality, where we go through his journey breaking into game development as a programmer and then transitioning in game design in San Francisco at Shaba, 3DO, and Factor 5, then moving to Harmonix for Rock Band 2, then PopCap where he went into casual games before venturing into VR.

Sylvain was nominated by Jeff Junio back in episode 7.

  1. (00:00) Announcements
  2. (00:01:37) Who is Sylvain Dubrofsky?
  3. (00:10:40) Oculus Quest Differences
  4. (00:21:28) Forget NASA I Want to Make Games
  5. (00:33:42) Designer at 3DO
  6. (00:44:01) Working on Lair at Factor 5
  7. (00:48:39) Making Good Games at Harmonix Music Systems
  8. (00:58:33) Casual Game Dev at EA PopCap
  9. (01:11:26) Incubating Games at PopLabs with Unity
  10. (01:23:24) Lightning Round Questions
  11. (01:33:29) John's Outro & Teaser

Register for John's AI Talk at AI4: https://ai4.io/2021/application-attendee/ 

GDC Talk 2015 - Overcoming Analysis Paralysis Experimenting with Bears vs Art - https://youtu.be/4w6LohQ0-wk 

Sylvain's LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/sylvaindubrofsky/ 

Sylvain's Moby Games Credits: https://www.mobygames.com/developer/sheet/view/developerId,67208/ 

Connect with the host John R. Diaz: https://linktr.ee/jkingpin 

Show website: http://outofplayarea.com 


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