Our Connected Inner Selves
Rayan Ela
Hello beautiful people! Welcome to my podcast. I decided to create this podcast to share life experiences from my life and other loved ones' life in the hope that it will inspire you to live your life to the fullest. We will talk about life, meaning, spirituality, love, and have many other heartfelt subjects of conversations. I believe that this life should not be taken too seriously and that we should have fun with it. Our experience of being human on earth is about discovering, having and fun and helping other people grow. I thus hope that this podcast will help you or inspire you. Elevate yourself when you feel down or boost your mood, even more, when you are feeling amazing! Join me on the adventure of life, listen to these episodes and find your way back to life feeling lifted and ready to play with a light heart. Follow me and reach out in my DMs on my personal Instagram account: @rayanelas Follow and check the amazing @alyssia.strasser who created the art piece that I used a cover for this podcast.
Our Connected Inner Selves
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