ASMR Diary writing in bed with gentle music and the hypnotic sound of breathing as I fall asleep. (1 hour sleep inducing)
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In this episode I write by hand, lying in bed. I read the journal entry and after all of it I put my book and pencil down and fall asleep. There is calming music in the background and All is recorded stereo and I am gently suggesting you relax and fall asleep.





Welcome to yet another episode of Relax with Slow Norwegian. 


Podcast listening numbers is growing, and before launching the former 4 episodes this year, the only episodes of this year, the podcast was running quite strong with a growing number of followers, and just as soon as I started publishing again, the listening numbers spiked dramatically! 


Six thousand two hundred listens only on the four episodes I have been publishing over the last six weeks, with a total of over nine thousand downloads counting all previous episodes too. 


I am proud of my self being for consistent over the last weeks and I am planning to continue this newfound inspiration and drive. 

I also want to share with you that the money you guys have donated, I have put them towards a website for the show.! I am very happy about that, although it is still a work in progress. With the website it will be easier to look for specific episodes as I will also group episodes with tags. For example if you want to listen as you go to bed, you can apply the tag and the website will pull up all the most relaxing content I have created.

I believe this upgrade will be a benefit for all, as more people will find me, It will be easidr to leave a review and to contribute to the show, and as a result I will be able to fokus more of my time creating new content. You contributing to the show is the only way I earn something for my work, so if you enjoy listening, please head over to my website: and contribute the amountthat feels right and just for you. 


Ok. so… about this episode. 

It is slightly different from the former ones… It is a sleep friendly episode still, and very sleep friendly in my opinion, as I have actually recorded this episode in bed! I am having a cold, so my voice and breathing might sound a little different. 


I take my notebook with me and I write a little diary about my life as a mom to a girl who just started school. There are many emotions involved for all of us and I also write about who I want to be as a mom and how I want to meet my growing child through the different stages of her life. With compassion and understanding. I want her to alway feel safe coming home, nomatter her days experiences and I want her to feel accepted and loved although she might have acted in a way that is not in line with our values. Love first - talk after. 


I was very rebellious myself as a youth and I believe that we would all have a better experience if I was met with more understanding and less punishment. I might have done many of the same things, but maybe my image of myself would be more loving and I would heal faster, from the many hurts youth can bring, into adulthood… 


I am not blaming anyone, I love my dad, and I know he did his very best and acted the best he could with the advice he would get from the world on parenting.  am just being aware of me having a different opportunity to approach parenthood differently as the world has changed and the ideas of what is good parenting has changed. 


Well. After I write the episode I read it slowly. However, You will listen to the reading before the writing as I will organize them in that order, and in the end I put the pencil down and we can fall asleep together as I continue to record as I close my eyes and travel into the subconscious world of dreams. You might hear Jonas, Eirs dad in the far background, from time to time , as he is sitting downstairs talking.


Now, if you are not already in a good position, readjust yourself to be as comfortable as you can in this moment, If there are any outside sounds, please just ignore them as you soon will focus only on my voice and feel so very relaxed. Give yourself permission to fall asleep at any point during this episode, and know that it is also ok if it takes a little longer. If you havent closed your eyes, Slowly just close them now and allow the muscles around your eyes relax too. Let your face relax… your mouth and jaw. Take a few deep breaths in and out from your nose, and feel the breath traveling all the way down to your stomach, and giving you a sense of release as you let the breath back out. Good. Enjoy this writing session. I am proud of you for taking care of your need for relaxation. I love you. 

Jeg ligger på sengen og skriver, og det er det ikke så ofte jeg gjør. JEg er forkjølet nå og jeg gjetter det er fordi jeg ikke har lyttet nok til kroppen, eller bare gjort litt for mye på en gang. Det er mye som skjer i min indre verden nå. En stor forandring skjer i livet og det er at jeg nå er mamma til en skolejente! Det har forresten gått veldig bra. Det var mye usikkerhet om hvordan det skulle gå, for alle; Jonas, meg og ikke minst for Eir som skulle begynne på skolen. Hun var nervøs og utilpass med det første og det kan jeg godt forstå. Jeg var også det, men jeg viste henne bare godt humør og forståelse. Jeg husker ikke veldig mye fra min første dag på skolen, men jeg husker veldig godt det øyeblikket navnene våre ble ropt opp og vi skulle gå til de ulike lærerne. Jeg syns læreren min så skummel ut. Men om jeg deretter bare gledelig gikk til skolen de påløpende dagene, det husker jeg ikke. Det er jo nesten tredve år siden nå! For min datter er det blandede følelser; om morgenen vil hun ikke at jeg skal gå og om ettermiddagen vil hun fortsatt være der. Det er jo et veldig godt tegn på at hun har kost seg i løpet av dagen Som forelder med hele hjertet investert i dette lille mennesket, så er det en lettelse. Selv om jeg ikke sitter hjemme og tvinner tomler mens hun er på skolen så tenker jeg på henne mye og ofte. Vi snakker også mye om hvordan vi kan bidra til hennes trivsel,trygghet og læring, både vi voksne sammen, men også med henne. Seksåringen vår! 


Hun er virkelig lyset mitt og jeg er så veldig nysgjerrig på henne… hennes hode og tanker og hvordan hun utvikler seg fra dag til dag. Hvem hun kommer til å etablere sterke relasjoner til i årene som kommer og hvordan vår rolle som foreldre vil oppleves gjennom de ulike stadiene av livet hennes. Jeg har et sterkt ønske om å være hennes klippe. At hun vet at hun alltid kan komme til meg uten skam, og med det mener jeg at jeg ønsker å være en mamma med få fordomme. Jeg ønsker å støtte henne og vise henne tillit samt forståelse når hun handler uharmonisk med våre verdier Hun skal aldri være redd fo å komme hjem eller bli gjort arr av eller trenge å skamme seg. Det betyr ikke at jeg ikke vil at vi skal ha regler eller verdier i fokus. 


Jeg vil prøve å møte henne slik som jeg ville og fortsatt vil bli møtt og snakket til. Og så vil jeg at hun skal ønske å ha med seg venner og kjærester hjem. Jeg vil være her for henne og hennes flokk! Og så vet jeg at dette blir en reise hvor jeg må være veldig bevisst meg selv og at jeg kommer til å snakke og handle uharmonisk med mine verdier og ønsker og da vil jeg gjerne at jeg husker å vise meg selv den samme empatien, forståelsen og tilgivelsen som jeg ønsker å ha lett tilgjengelig for Eir.


Ok my friend. That was me reading the diary entry I wrote just a moment before. Now I will share the recording of me writing it with you. So just continue to relax, if you need to readjust to get in a even better position for relaxation, just do that, and know that you are safe, loved and that you soon will enjoy a good night sleep. Know that it is ok for you to fall asleep now, and that there is nothing that is more important right now than your need for relaxation and sleep. Nothing is more important than allowing your body and mind to just relax.  


(Recording of me writing)


(whispering) The writing session has come to an end. I hope and suspect you are very, very relaxed now, if not already sleeping. I will put my book and pencil away now and for the next few moments, I will be right here, falling asleep, energetically by your side. 


I am proud of you. You are safe and you are loved. 


Good night my friend.

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