Nihongo no Tane 90 ウサギの数え方 How to Count Rabbits| Japanese Immersion podcast
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Yumi continues counting in Japanese. Last time, she discussed how to count Godzilla (is it 一匹 ippiki or 一頭 ittou?). This week, she turns her attention to the interesting counter for rabbits. Is it 一匹 ippiki? Nope. It's 一羽 ichiwa -- just like birds. Why? Listen as Yumi gives two possible etymologies.



数(かぞ)え方(かた) way of counting

頭(とう) counter for large animals (meaning head)

匹(ひき) counter for most small animals and insects

羽(わ) counter for birds and rabbits (means feathers)

束(たば) bundles

把(わ) counter for bundles

説(せつ)があります there is a theory

生類(しょうるい)憐(あわ)れみ mercy on living things

食糧事情(しょくりょうじじょう) food situation

一般(いっぱん)の庶民(しょみん) ordinary folk; common people                

頓智話(とんちばなし) story of a quick-witted person


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