Nihongo no Tane 87 ママは心配 Mother is Worried | Japanese Immersion podcast
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Yumi was very careful to always keep a sharp eye out on her children when they were young. In the shortest of moments, the unthinkable can happen. Japan is a very safe country most of the time, but children are left unsupervised moreso than in other countries. Yumi wonders is it's time to rethink that.



行方不明(ゆくえふめい) missing (person); lost; whereabouts unknown

一致(いっち)する to match; to agree; to conform

キャンプ場(じょう) camp site

ほんのちょっと only a little; just a little

警察(けいさつ) police

諦(あきら)めずに never give up; not giving up

残念(ざんねん)な悲(かな)しいニュース unfortunate and sad news

誘拐(ゆうかい)される to be kidnapped

神隠(かみかく)し (the idea that the gods take missing children who cannot be found)

千(せん)と千尋(ちひろ)の神隠(かみかく)し Spirited Away (anime)

冒険(ぼうけん) adventure

現実(げんじつ)には as for reality; but really

敏感(びんかん) sensitive; alert; aware

小学校(しょうがっこう)の高学年(こうがくねん) upper elementary school

後(あと)からついていきました followed after

それに比(くら)べると compared to that; comparing the two

話題(わだい)になりました became a hot topic of conversation

幼児(ようじ) toddler; young child

判断(はんだん)する to judge

無事(ぶじ)に safe and sound; safely

責任(せきにん)を取(と)る to take responsibility


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