Nihongo no Tane 89 ゴジラの数え方 How to Count Godzilla| Japanese Immersion podcast
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In the original Godzilla movie from 1954, the professor uses the counter 一匹 to count Godzilla. But isn't 匹 used with small animals? Shouldn't Godzilla be counted as 一頭? This was a bit of a puzzle for Yumi too, so she researched the subject. Listen as Yumi explains what she discovered.



ゴジラ Godzilla [mix of ゴリラ (gorilla) and クジラ (whale)]

白黒(しろくろ) Black and white [in Japanese, "white and black"]

科学的(かがくてき)な説明(せつめい) scientific explanation

古臭(ふるくさ)い stale; old-fashioned; hackneyed; trite

普遍性(ふへんせい) universality; omnipresence

興味深(きょうみぶか)い very interesting; of great interest

昆虫(こんちゅう) insects; bugs

研究者(けんきゅうしゃ) researchers

脚本(きゃくほん) script

数(かぞ)え方(かた) way of counting

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