Nihongo no Tane 98 オノマトペ4 Onomatopoeia Part 4| Japanese Immersion podcast
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Yumi continues her discussion on onomatopoeia in Japanese. Japanese use sound words and mimetic words far more frequently than in English. Learning how to use these words well will help improve your fluency.



オノマトペ onomatopoeia

ごちゃごちゃ messy; confused; chaotic

整理(せいり)されていない  not organized

状態(じょうたい) condition; state of things

ペコペコ very hungry; starving

ペラペラ fluent (speaking foreign languages); incessantly (speaking)

流暢(りゅうちょう)に fluent; flowing

ゴロゴロする  roll about; idling about; thundering; purring

ガタンゴトン clickety-clack

終点(しゅうてん) terminus; last stop (train)

川上(かわかみ) upstream

ドンブラコドンブラコ effect of tumbling

クンクン effect of sniffing

ドドドド sound of something heavy moving rapidly

グラグラ  wobbling; shaking; unsteadily

ピキピキ snapping

豊富(ほうふ)に abundantly

身近(みぢか)に near at hand; near oneself


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