Nihongo no Tane 97 オノマトペ3 Onomatopoeia Part 3| Japanese Immersion podcast
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Yumi continues her discussion on onomatopoeia in Japanese. Japanese use sound words and mimetic words far more frequently than in English. Learning how to use these words well will help improve your fluency.



オノマトペ onomatopoeia

日本人(にほんじん)らしく話(はなし)せる to be able to speak like a Japanese

汗(あせ)をかいた to sweat

さっぱり refreshed

含(ふく)まれます includes

さっぱり分(わ)からない don’t know at all

ゴロゴロ loafing; rolling; sound of thunder

回転(かいてん)する to rotate; to turn

クタクタ exhausted; tired; worn out

芯(しん)  wick; core; heart; center

カンカンになっている to be very angry

絶対許(ぜったいゆる)さない absolutely won’t forgive


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