A student training placement experience of eco-social work practice
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GUEST: Catrina Lawrence, first year social work student.

At time of interview Catrina was studying at University of Southern Cross, NSW. She completed a 400-hour eco-social work oriented placement in late 2020.

Introduction to this episode:

Within Australia over the last few years, the momentum to develop eco-social work theory and practical interventions has begun to emerge in a number of  fields, including the pre-qualification training of social work students; both via teaching within academic institutions and on placement. We have started to see eco-social work oriented student placements being implemented, for instance, in hospital and community, not-for-profit organisational settings.

My guest on this episode of the Eco-Social Work in Australia series, Catrina Lawrence, was a social work student who completed just such a novel, 400-hour placement with an environmental capacity building, not for profit community organisation in S.E. Queensland, in late 2020. We talk about Catrina’s experience of the placement work, how she came to make sense of the eco-social work role, and, as a student in training, what she thought was the particular value of undertaking such a placement. 

MAIN INTERVIEW TALKING POINTS - with approximate time elapsed location in minutes.

  • Guest self-introduction – 2.50
  • What did the guest make of the eco-social orientation of her placement? – 6.02
  • Placement organisation details and natural space restoration – 7.00
  • Guest’s brief definition of eco-social work principles – 8.20
  • Ecological restoration and community gardens work on placement – 10.00
  • What was helpful/less helpful in the placement? – 14.48
  • A potential social work support role with local, pro-environmental advocacy groups -17.44
  • Guest’s perception of the benefits of her placement – 23.45
  • What more could be done to increase mainstream adoption of ESW – 26.10 .
  • Closing comments – 28.30



Guest: Catrina Lawrence

Householders’ Options to Protect the Environment (HOPE):

T 07 4639 2135 E office@hopeaustralia.org.au W http://www.hopeaustralia.org.au/

F https://www.facebook.com/Householders.Options.to.Protect.the.Environment/


Produced for HOPE by Andrew Nicholson E: anicholsona@gmail.com M: 0413979414.

This episode recorded in Toowoomba, S.E. Queensland, Australia February 2021

Artwork: Daniela Dal'Castel    Incidental Music: James Nicholson


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