Eco-social work from a professional training perspective
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GUEST: Dr Peter Jones - Senior Lecturer in Social Work and Human Services at James Cook University in Townsville.


Green, environmental, or eco-social work (ESW) – is an exciting, still-evolving body of ideas and practice emerging within the social work mainstream, internationally. Within Australia, over the last ten years or so, a lot of the development of eco-social work theory, and examples of practice has emerged from within the social work training institutions in Australia. For instance, social work training courses at Charles Sturt, James Cook and Edith Cowan, and some other training institutions, have incorporated eco-social work ideas, skills and methods into the education offered to their students. A number of the guests on this podcast series are academics, researchers and social work trainers who work in those institutions.

This episode of the eco-social work series focusses on the work and ideas of one of the pioneers of eco-social work theory development and application to student social work training in Australia, Dr. Peter Jones is a senior lecturer in social work and human services at James Cook University, based in Townsville, Queensland.

Peter has over 25 years’ experience in the fields of social work education, where he maintains a particular focus on the application of transformative learning theory. His interests also include eco-social work practice, sustainable community development, international social work, and international student exchange. He has published scholarly work in all of those areas.

INTERVIEW TALKING POINTS - approximate location in minutes elapsed.

Guest self-introduction - 2.25

What is ESW practice all about in 2021? -7.40

SW student perceptions of the human-nature relationship

and examples of student involvement with ESW in training - 12.44

Guest experience as a social work advocate on

National climate change and health policy - 19.35

Why should mainstream social be concerned

with environmental issues? - 25.41

Looking to the future of ESW – mid-term over next `10 years  - 34.70

Over the shorter-term - the next 2-3 years - 40.52

Guest summing up and take-home messages - 51.16.

Closing comments - 53.18 



Guest: Dr Peter Jones E: 


Householders’ Options to Protect the Environment (HOPE):

T 07 4639 2135 E W


Production: Produced for HOPE by Andrew Nicholson. E:      T: 0413979414. This episode recorded in Toowoomba, S.E. Queensland, Australia in April 2021.

Artwork: Daniela Dal'Castel    Incidental Music: James Nicholson


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