The News Nirvana Podcast
The way people consume news is changing. Just as the morning and evening editions were eclipsed by the 24/7 news cycle, the “I only want the news I want, and I want it NOW” mindset is sweeping away everything that came before. In a world of social media, podcasts, and on-demand digital TV, where does traditional journalism fit? Who will hold businesses and governmental institutions to account for their actions? And who will pay for the credible local reporting that makes our democracy work? Host Nick Parker speaks with the visionaries and thought leaders who are transforming the way news is created, distributed, and monetized. The News Nirvana podcast looks to uncover what content is most engaging, how modern technologies are changing news consumption, and how news organizations are reshaping their business models for tomorrow . . . and beyond. We don’t know what the future holds for news, but it’s out there. On the News Nirvana podcast, we’re going to find it.
The News Nirvana Podcast
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